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There Is No I in Team

The Earth, The Human Being by Xu Huijing (2007)

The Earth, The Human Being by Xu Huijing (2007)

French Connection Friday Late Beijing at V&A

There Is No I in Team was recently presented at the V&A as part of French Connection Friday Late Beijing – a night celebrating the exhibition China Design Now

A dynamic mix of Chinese talent from the UK and China present live music, short films and animations, interactive installations and exhibitions tours. Plus DJs spinning alternative music from China and a late bar.

Short films and animations

A selection of short films and animations from the There is No I in Team exhibition programme showcasing emerging contemporary visual artists from Mainland China with a special interest in moving image.

Family Capitalism by Cheng Ran (2006) 8’ 34”
Dancing in the Rain by Meiya Lin (2007) 9’
Entice-Confuse by Sheng Jie (2006) 5’
Illumination by Meng Jin (2005) 3’
My Pretty Zhang Jiang by Song Tao (2007) 10’
Happy Together by Meiya Lin (2004) 3’30”
14 Rooms by Meng Jin (2005) 2’ 46”

Banana Stratagem by Gao Yu (2007) 3’ 29”
Mythos by Sun Xun (2006) 7’ 12”
Opera III by Wu Junyong (2006) 4” 30”
Shortcut to the Systematic Life: I Am Fine, I Don’t Get Wet by Tsui Kuang Yu (2002) 3’ 04”
Project 300 by Joy:Viscom (2007) 7’ 15”
Shortcut to the Systematic Life: Superficial Life by Tsui Kuang Yu (2002) 9’ 00”

The Earth, The Human Being by Xu Huijing (2007) 8’00”

There is No I In Team is curated by Keri Elmsly, Keith Whittle, Pauline Doutreluingne and Jiang Jian.


Bairdcast Media: a history of machine translation


a history of machine translation

a history of machine translation

a history of machine translation



Photography Louise Hepworth

A unique residency and exhibition project by young emerging Japanese media artist Yuko Mohri, Bairdcast Media: a history of machine translation explores the early history of broadcast media in the United Kingdom, and more specifically the inventions of John Logie Baird, a pioneer in the development of television and its relation to new media, during this hugely significant period of transition in broadcasting given the switch from analogue to digital television.

The project was recently exhibited at AV Festival 08 to great response.

/sLab project receives British Council accreditation

A Gift to Those Who Contemplate the Wonders of Cities and the Marvels of Travelling has received accreditation as part of the British Council, UK-Japan 2008 year long festival marking 150th Anniversary of the Signing of the Anglo-Japanese Treaty of Amity and Commerce.

The official celebrations began with the launch of the UK-Japan festival at Mori Arts Centre, Tokyo on February 18th and Keith Whittle was pleased to be able to attend to this exciting event.

A Gift to Those Who Contemplate the Wonders of Cities and the Marvels of Travelling is a /sLab project developed in partnership with the Northern Gallery of Contemporary Art and partners in Japan. During the summer of 2008, Japanese and British artists will each spend six weeks creating brand new work in response to the cultural connections and differences between the two nations. The new works will be revealed at two exhibitions in two of the largest exhibition galleries in Britain and Japan supporting contemporary art, Northern Gallery and BankART1929, Yokohama.

Initiated by /sLab in partnership with BankART 1929, Northern Gallery of Contemporary Art, and in association with P3 art and environment and The Graduate School of Film and New Media, Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music.

Please visit the July section of the official festival website for further information

Supported by Northern Gallery of Contemporary Art Daiwa Anglo-Japanese Foundation, The Great Britain Sasakawa Foundation and The British Council.

There Is No I In Team

The Altar of Progress” (2006)

Contemporary Chinese Artists’ Work

Staged February 6th -10th 2008
Newcastle upon Tyne | Gateshead

Curated by Keri Elmsly, Keith Whittle, Pauline Doutreluingne, Jian Jiang

Download full PDF (2.6Mb)

Selected work from There Is No I In Team was presented during this years Chinese New Year celebrations in Newcastle. Including installations and screenings of artist’s film, video and animation exploring the new role of the individual in China today, the work presented received huge praise as well as excellent audience figures.

3 of the artists [Hung Keung, Sheng Jie and Meiya Lin] and all curators were in Newcastle for the opening event, and ISIS Arts hosted a series of artists talks over the exhibition period.

Presented in association with Newcastle City Council, the programme formed part of EAST’08 – a world-class celebration of contemporary Asian culture in NewcastleGateshead. Part of NewcastleGateshead’s world-class festivals and events programme.


Jiang Zhi “Onward! Onward! Onward!: The Altar of Progress” (2006)
Location: Civic Centre, (outdoor projection) Barras Bridge Newcastle upon Tyne, NE99 1RD
Date: 6 -10 February 2008, 16.00 – 24.00

Hung Keung and imhk lab “Bloated City | Skinny Language” (2007)
Location: BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art, Gateshead Quays South Shore Road Gateshead NE8 3BA UK
Date: 9 -10 February, 10.00 – 18.00

Sheng Jie “PUSH” (2006)
Location: Monument Mall, Newcastle, NE1 7AL
Date: 6 -10 February, 09.00 – 18.00 (Wednesday – Saturday), 11.00 – 17.00 (Sunday)

Xu Huijing “The Earth, The Human Being” (2007)
Location: Bath Lane, Newcastle, NE4 5SP
Date: 9 -10 February 10.00 – 18.00


A compilation programme of new film and video works from China, including works by Gao Yu, Meiya Lin and Kuang Yu Tsui.

Locations: Part 1: Old Dormitory Rooms, Part 2: Craft centre (above Audacious), both venues at Blackfriars, Newcastle upon Tyne,
Date: 9 -10 February 10.00 – 18.00


Recent Animation Highlights from Hong Kong
UK program coordinated by Independent Short Film and Video Awards (ifva) and co-curated in association with ISIS Arts, /sLab and Keri Elmsly

Location: 20-28 Stowell Street, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE1 4XQ
Date: 9 -10 February 10.00 – 18.00

There Is No I In Team was presented in Newcastle by ISIS Arts and /sLab

Special thanks to: Keri Elmsly, Pauline Doutreluingne, Jian Jiang, ISIS Arts, Stella Hall, Culture 10, Teresa Kwong & Rachel Wan, IFVA, Hung Kueng, Sheng Jie, Meiya Lin, Song Tao, BALTIC, New York Productions, Sam Watson, Ben Gilchrist, Adam Phillips, Graham Mitchinson and all involved.

Supported by East’08, NewcastleGateshead, OneNorthEast, North East England, European Union Social Fund, Connections Through Culture, China Now, Hong Kong Independent Short Film and Video Awards, University of Sunderland, powers of 2 and Arts Council England